from high culture to pop culture

Music, art, theater - we offer all of this and more in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region. For all age groups to watch, listen or participate. And above all, it's fun.

Orchestra with string instruments makes music on a stage.

Shout out to rock stars

Scream, shout and let your talent out

Don't worry, you don't have to become a famous musician in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region - unless, of course, you want to. But you can become a rock star in so many ways. And here, there's the perfect basis for letting your hair down culturally.

For more concerts, more plays, more museum visits and everything in between, the region is well equipped with cultural and event venues. Come to Rhine-Neckar and get your ticket for your leisure activities.

Where the grass is always green


If you want to discover the paradisiacal gardens of the region, you should be right in the middle of it. In the "Gartenpforte" pamphlet, you will find all kinds of parks, gardens, forests and meadows - a diverse cultural experience to read and discover for yourself. 

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Park with flowers and fountains.

It's a party!

Festivals everywhere

untz untz untz - how do you sum up electro in words? It's easy: Mannheim's "Time Warp". Electro isn't your cup of tea? Then drop by one of the countless clubs, attend "Enjoy Jazz" or get inspired at the "Denkfest".  

Events to the Rhine's left
Events to the Rhine's right

People celebrate together at a concert.

To be or not to be

Culture? Cool!

In Rhine-Neckar, one of the world's first municipal theaters opened in 1839. Nowadays, culture still plays a major role. Museums? Theaters? Film? Castles? No matter what you like, we've got you. Take a look at our Kulturmagazin (culture magazine) to discover it all!

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People visit a castle on a hill.
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