Research and Education

Excellence that extends beyond the region.

In the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, an inventive spirit meets a thirst for research. Schools, universities, training and jobs: In Rhine-Necka, you get all the knowledge you need.

Students learn together outside in the countryside.

Shout out to ingenuity

Rhine-Neckar is full of light-bulb moments

Lifelong learning? That's a big priority for us. Because the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan region is an outstanding location for science, research, innovation and technology. In Germany, Rhine-Neckar is the leading region in investments in research and development - and it pays off. After all, 16 Nobel Prize laureates worked in the region. 

So, the road to the Nobel Prize goes through the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region. Time to get started!

Veni, vidi, cognovi

Studies par excellence

The 22 universities and institutions for higher education in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region and renowned research institutions provide a creative environment for innovative technologies. Germany's first university was founded in Heidelberg in 1386 - the thirst for knowledge and curiosity continue to inspire us to this day. 

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Students sit together on the stairs and study.

Greatness from a young age

Deine Lernbox

Companies, foundations and associations in the region are committed to language promotion, mentoring, tutoring and the resilience of school kids. Particularly for children who have fled Ukraine, a variety of individual support services are available.

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Teachers talk to each other.

An initiative


The Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung (German Children and Youth Foundation) helped over 27,000 children and young people in the region to make up for learning and development deficits caused by the pandemic.

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