Climate and energy

From the region, for the region - and the whole the world

It is time. Time to tackle the things that are changing our society, our climate and thus our entire planet. In a comprehensive, innovative, sustainable way. That's how we do it.

First cut of a division for a construction project, by those responsible.

Shot out to taking steps

We need you to step forward

You want to be involved in the energy transformation?
In the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, we have power. We have the power to make our energy supply of tomorrow greener.
In order to master the challenges of our time, we are relying on various innovative approaches, for more climate protection, clean energy and future-proof mobility.

Progress drives us. Are you going along for the ride?

Powered for the future with


H2Rivers and H2Rhein-Neckar are two pioneering projects that deal with the optimal use of hydrogen in mobility. You can see and experience the alternative source of energy. Take a look and be inspired!

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Hydrogen tanker with driver.

Mass with class

Power with biomass

One man's trash is another man's treasure - this is especially true for biowaste. Agriculturally produced biomass, as well as biowaste and green waste from private households, have huge energy potential that we can use efficiently.

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Biogas plant in the middle of a rapeseed field.

Heat becomes energy


Hot, hotter, our earth: Deep beneath our feet lies an incredible amount of energy potential. Thanks to the latest technologies, we can explore the potential of geothermal energy as an energy source - and expand it even further in the future as a climate-friendly alternative. 

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Geothermal tanks are connected to you with pipes.
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    model cities »saubere Luft« (pure air)