Fit for tomorrow

Health is one of our most valuable goods. That is precisely why we are working in various projects on innovative approaches to promoting health, both physical and mental.

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Fit for the future

The health of the people in the region is close to our hearts. That's why numerous companies and institutions here work together to improve our well-being every day. Whether it's health promotion and prevention, care for the elderly and the chronically ill, or equal health opportunities.  

An innovation a day keeps the doctor away - or: In the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, we do everything possible for your health.

Improving your well-being

BGM Rhein-Neckar

Our network "Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement Rhine-Neckar" supports employers in promoting and improving the health and performance of their employees and ensuring greater well-being.

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5G Rettungsnetz

In an emergency situation, we all want to be provided with safe and, above all, fast care. This is ensured by the project "Rettungsnetz 5G". It uses technological innovations to enable mobile diagnostics and a much faster start to treatment for emergency medical conditions.

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Rural life

Optimal care conditions

Approximately 2.4 million people live in this region, many of them in rural areas. Innovative collaborative models of numerous resources aim to provide comprehensive, cross-sector care.

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  • 250

    Biotech companies

  • 20

    world leading pharmaceutical companies

  • 7

    Institutions in the Health + Life Science Alliance

  • 81,4

    years is the average life expectancy