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Your ideas, your career, your future.

In the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, you shape your own future. Do you want to build your career? Then take a look around, click through - and find the right job for your future.

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working in Rhine-Neckar

  • A strong economy

    The choice is yours: Over 160,000 small and large companies are waiting for your expertise and passion.

  • Well connected

    Businesses, science, politics and administration - all of them work together to further develop the region.

  • A dynamic region

    Progress comes naturally to us. Our companies rank among the national and international leaders.

  • Come & stay

    Our society is diverse and we celebrate that - that's why we are committed to full inclusion.

  • Keeping up digitally

    Digitization is our competence. We constantly aim for its transformation.

  • Customized to your life

    Arbeit richtet sich nach deiner Lebensphase, nicht anders herum. Und genauso machen wir Personalpolitik.

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